Vann Walls Discography

Thank you to Craig Morrison for compiling this detailed list of Vann’s recordings.

Artist                           Year

Label &                        Single

catalogue number


Frank Culley             January 1949

Atlantic 888              After Hours Session / Rhumbiigue Jive

Atlantic 902              Waxie Maxie Boogie (Boogie Woogie No.1)/ Hop’n’Twist

Atlantic LP8013       Hop’n’Twist

Boogie Woogie No.2


Coffee Grind

Peas And Rice No.2


The X-Rays                  September 1949

Savoy 760                   You Got Love Me Baby/ Feed Me Baby


Freddie Mitchell and His Orchestra, early 1950

Derby                              Airmail Boogie

Derby                              Idaho Boogie

Derby                               Easter Parade


Carrie Adams & The Harry Van Walls Orchestra, February 1950

Telephone Blues

Hear Me Talkin’


Harry Vann Walls Orchestra with Spider Sam, February 1950

Atlantic 904                   Tee-Nah-Nah/I Ain’t Gonna Scold You


Brownie McGhee           May 1950

Savoy 747                       C.C. Baby

Savoy 778                       True Blues/ My Consolation

New Sporting Life Blues


Stick McGhee                  May 1950

Atlantic 912                     Let’s Do It/ She’s Gone

Atlantic 926                     Housewarmin’ Boogie

Atlantic 937                     Blue Barrelhouse/ One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show


Nelson Clark’s Orchestra, July 1950

Columbia                            Sharp Little Sister

Columbia                            Pacifying Blues

Columbia                            Chocolate Candy Blues



Frank Culley                      August 1950

Atlantic 918                       My Silent Love/ Mona Lisa

Atlantic 922                       Gone After Hours (After Hours Session No.2 pt.1)/ Little Miss Blues

Atlantic LP8013              Gone After Hours (After Hours Session No.2 pt.1)

Original Jump No.1

                                                 Original Jump No.2

After Hours Session No.2 pt.2


Stick McGhee                      November 1950

Atlantic 937                        One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show/ Blue Barrelhouse

Tennessee Waltz Blues

Joe Turner with The Van “Piano Man” Walls Orchestra, April 1951

Atlantic 939                        Chains of Love / After My Laughter

Atlantic 949                        Chains of Love / Bump Miss Susie

Atlantic LP8033                Chains of Love / Bump Miss Susie / After My Laughter


Stick McGhee                       December 1951

Atlantic 955                         Wee Wee Hours pt. 1/ Wee Wee Hours p.2

Atlantic 991                          New Found Love / Meet You in the Morning


The Clovers                           December 1951

Atlantic 963                         In The Middle of the Night/ One Mint Julep

Atlantic LP8009                In The Middle of the Night

Atlantic 1010                       Comin’ On

Atlantic EP504                    One Mint Julep


Joe Turner                             January 1952

Atlantic 960                          I’ll never Stop Loving You / Sweet Sixteen

Atlantic 970                          Don’t You Cry / Poor Lover’s Blues

Atlantic EP536                      Sweet Sixteen

Atlantic LP8005                   Sweet Sixteen

Atlantic LP8033                    I’ll never Stop Loving You /Poor Lover’s Blues/ Don’t You Cry

J.T. Blues


Odelle Turner                         February 1952

Atlantic 964                           Alarm Clock Boogie / Draggin’ Hours

Trust In Me

Fine Body


Ruth Brown                             February 1952

Atlantic 962                            Be Anything (But Mine)/ 5-10-15 Hours

Atlantic EP535                       Be Anything (But Mine)

Atco SD7009                          Be Anything (But Mine)/ 5-10-15 Hours

Atlantic EP505                       5-10-15 Hours

Atlantic LP8004                     5-10-15 Hours

Atlantic LP8010                     5-10-15 Hours

Atco SD8161                             5-10-15 Hours


Harry Van Walls                      March 1952

(no label                                     Just One Hour

mentioned)                               At Last I Found You Out

Blues Waltz


Joe Turner                                 September 1952

Atlantic 982                              Still In Love / Baby I Still Want You

Atlantic LP8023                      Still In Love

Atco SD33-376                        Still In Love

Atlantic LP8033                      Baby I Still Want You

Feel Like Havin’ Some Sport

What Is Your Secret


Harry Van Walls                       October 1952

Atlantic 980                              After Midnight / Blues Sender

Ride In My Oldsmobile

Boogie Woogie Mama

Where’d She Go


The Clovers                                March 1953

Atlantic 1000                           Good Lovin’

Atlantic LP8010                       Good Lovin’

Atlantic SD33-315                   Good Lovin’

Atco SD33-374                          Good Lovin’

Atlantic EP537                          Good Lovin’ (alt.

Atlantic 1047                             I Confess


Ruth Brown                                 April 1953

Atlantic                                        Mend Your Ways

Atlantic                                         I Would If I Could


Ruth Brown                                  July 1953

Atlantic                                          The Tears Keep Tumbling Down


Clyde McPhatter & The Drifter, November 1953

Atlantic 2049                               Don’t Dog Me

Atlantic 1019                                Such A Night

Atlantic EP534                             Such A Night

Atlantic LP8003                          Such A Night / Warm Your Heart

Atlantic LP8077                          Such A Night / Warm Your Heart

Atlantic 1029                                 Warm Your Heart

Atlantic 1043                                 Bip Bam

Atlantic LP8024                            Bip Bam


Harry Van Walls                            February 1954

(no label                                           Rags, Rags, Rags

mentioned)                                     Rockin’ And Screamin’

Nite Rider

Gotta Go


Joe Turner                                       November 1955

Atlantic 1080                                 The Chicken And The Hawk

Atlantic EP586                               The Chicken And The Hawk

Atlantic EP606                               The Chicken And The Hawk / Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Atlantic LP8001                             The Chicken And The Hawk

Atlantic LP8005                             The Chicken And The Hawk / Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Atco SD33-376                               The Chicken And The Hawk / Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Atlantic LP8081                              The Chicken And The Hawk / Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Atlantic 1088                                    Boogie Woogie Country Girl

Atlantic LP8058                               Boogie Woogie Country Girl


Fay Simmons & The Niteriders Orchestra, August 1954

Grand                                                      Whim, Wham, Whop


The Niteriders

Apollo                                                     Women And Cadillacs (1954)

Teen                                                         Apple Cider (1955)

Teen                                                          Night Ridin’

Teen                                                         Six Button Benny

MGM K12487                                       Tank Town

Capitol 3236                                         The Vacation Train / Night Ridin’

Sue 713                                                   Pretty Plaid Skirt / I’ll Never Change (1959)

Sue 731                                                    Night Ridin’ / Talk  To Me Baby (later reissued as by The Nite Riders featuring Piano Van)


Van Walls solo albums:


The Call Me Piano Man (1989)

Swedish label: Whiskey, Women And…


In The Evening (1997)

Les Disques Bros


Other possible recordings:


Freddie Mitchell:                                  Roll ‘Em Boogie, Louise

Ruth Brown:                                            Mama, He Treats Your Daughters Mean (Atlantic 986); Mend Your Ways, Daddy Daddy                                                                                                   (Atlantic 1973); Wild, Wild Young Men (Atlantic 993); Smooth Operator

Joe Turner:                                               Shake, Rattle And Roll; In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down (Atlantic EP565)

Clovers:                     I’ve Got My Eyes On You (1954), Ting-A-Ling (Atlantic 969); Lovey Dovey (Atlantic 1022); Little Mama

Joe Morris with                                        Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (Atlantic 914)

Laurie Tate: